However, if you import your products through a local Chinese office, the chances of escrow acceptance increases. The risk becomes lower because the communication is clearer. Most times, you won’t be on site for product inspections. And if you choose to have the video recording sent to you, you may receive the part that only shows or guarantees the quality of the products you want to import. Looking to sell your engagement ring or other diamond jewelry? Facebook is great for staying in touch with customers, posting product photos, and sharing news about your business, like sales or special deals. Encourage your friends, family, and repeat customers to share your posts with their own networks in order to reach new audiences.

We would be happy to look at it for you, but we can’t say for sure how much it’s worth without seeing it in person. Feel free to email us some pictures, and we can give you a rough ballpark value.

How do I market my jewelry dropshipping business and attract customers?

Personal safety and protection against robbery should be your first priority. If you don’t have a way to meet the potential buyer at a public place, then do not sell your jewelry to the general public. Meet the buyer in a public place like a restaurant or shopping mall. I suggest the buyer’s bank, because if they wish to buy the jewelry they can go and get the cash now and finish the transaction. In addition the bank should have some security if something goes bad. Condition is a major determining factor of the price received for your jewelry. Damaged and broken jewelry many times justify the restoration costs but most of the time damaged jewelry is only valued at its intrinsic worth.

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Now that you’re a legally operating enterprise, it’s a good idea to start separating your business and personal finances. For starters, this separation will help keep your personal finances safe from business-related legal issues; and, more practically, it’ll simplify your tax-filing processes. You may balk at the prospect of writing out a business plan, but in truth, this plan doesn’t need to be nearly as complex or jargon-y as you may think. Starting a jewelry business requires planning, but it’s simpler than starting many other types of ventures. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence.

D20 Gemstone: a Dungeons and Dragons-Inspired Design

Goodin, and large scale supplier Plum Island Silver, all of which offer drop-shipping services. The last two will also sell to you directly as a wholesaler. If you like taking possession of your inventory, do a search for “become a jewelry distributor,” again focusing on the type of jewelry. In bulk, usually with a minimum-order requirement. Jewelry designers typically set their wholesale prices at four to five times the cost of materials.

It’s not like the electronics segment where everyone knows exactly, what a certain model of laptop should be selling for. A consumer has no way to determine the exact best price tag on a necklace . However, while starting out, consider partnering with a few other designers you know and share the costs of a booth.

The information stored in your CRM will allow you to create highly targeted email campaigns, and the built-in ad management tool will help better inform your campaigns. Brand-name jewelry like Tiffany Co. and Gucci have their fair share of counterfeiters. Since most of you will have different niches, it’s best to search for wholesale jewelry online and see what comes up. For instance, a quick search brings up Fashion Bella and Rose Wholesale, both of which have wide selections and interesting categories.

At that point, you can either sell your pieces locally to a jeweler, or you can list them online. Given their nature, you may find a better market for them online, but many buyers will want some kind of proof of what the items are. A written appraisal from a gemologist will probably be helpful in this situation. If you decide to sell them online, you can check out our article on selling jewelry on eBay for some helpful tips. Whatever you decide to do, be safe, and we wish you the best. Creating an online store is one of the most important steps in selling jewelry online. Your website will be the first impression potential customers have of your business, so it’s important to make a good impression.