That’s because cleaning and inspecting chimneys involves a lot more than just sweeping soot. Chimney sweeping has an average cost of $254, with prices typically ranging between $129 and $380. Wood fireplaces that receive regular maintenance price can go for as little as $85 to $100 per cleaning, while those with heavy buildup could total as much as $800. Owning a home with a fireplace, wood-burning stove, and a gas or oil appliance requires extra care. Mark your calendar at the end of the summer to complete your annual inspection.

Find hiring guides, material costs, expert advice, how-to’s and more. Push the leading rod up the chimney and connect another when needed, always turning to the right.

Chimney Cleaning Cost Calculator

The cost of chimney sweep services varies by your home’s location. Ram the cleaning brush up and down several times in a small section of the flue to remove chimney soot. All prices are averages and can vary based on circumstances and the chimney sweeper you choose to hire. The National Fire Protection Association recommends an annual chimney inspection.

This professional also inspects the chimney while cleaning to ensure it’s safe to use. A gas fireplace with a chimney costs $80 to $150 to clean on average. This price is lower than wood-burning chimneys because gas tends to burn cleaner with less residue. Both masonry and prefabricated chimneys can have a gas fireplace, so prices vary according to the total size. With DIY chimney cleaning kits on the market, it may seem like it would be easy to learn how to sweep a chimney. While a DIY chimney sweep isn’t impossible, it’s not a task that many homeowners have the skill—or desire—to undertake.

Can I use my fireplace immediately after a sweep?

Read more about Fireplace Cleaning Littleton here. Then close the doors and windows on that side of your house to prevent the soot from re-entering your home. Before you start brushing, protect your home’s interior from soot with poly sheeting, a canvas tarp and a shop vacuum.

The best times to hire a chimney sweep to get the cheapest rates are during late spring and summer when there’s less demand for their services. Most people get a chimney cleaning and inspection when cold weather comes in the fall, so you’ll have longer wait times and higher prices then. A chimney sweep is a licensed technician with a fire safety background who removes all debris and flammable buildup inside the flue and its connections.

However, this timeframe can extend if the chimney has not been cleaned for an extended period or if there’s a significant buildup of creosote and soot. Costs of chimney cleaning depend on the number of flues and time needed to clean it. Chimney cleaning prices are $100 to $250 minimum when inspecting a well-maintained wood-burning fireplace.

It allows smoke and gases to escape but prevents snow, rain, debris, and animals from getting in. Not only does the chimney cap help prevent downdrafts but it also prevents chimney damage from freeze-thaw cycles. A new chimney cap installation can cost anywhere from $75 to $1,000, but the average price is $300.

While creosote logs can help clear debris between cleanings, they are not a replacement for a chimney sweep. Cast-in-place liners are more expensive but provide optimal insulation. A chimney sweep may repair a slightly damaged liner, but more extensive damage will likely require a full replacement.