Proper funeral service and burial are crucial to the remembrance of the deceased and the use of memorial plaques in honoring the dead is still important especially when the deceased was buried in the outdoors.

Outdoor memorial plaque also serves an important purpose to pay tribute and offers an opportunity to be close to the deceased. This type of plaques enables one to honor somebody in a special and unique way, as the plaques are installed outside where they can easily be seen. 

Choosing a Memorial Plaque

Choosing an outdoor memorial plaque will begin with the size of the plaque, the material used and the design of the plaque. These vary from simple 8×10 plaques to bigger size 24×36 plaque types. Some of them are brass, bronze, granite, marble and stainless steel which are long lasting and can be used in areas exposed to the weather elements. One should go for an ideal traditional plaque shape or they could make it special by including other relativity symbols in the shape. You will also have to decide what the text is going to be – the person’s name and the years are mandatory; poems, quotes, and lovely messages are optional but always a nice touch. 

Some of the ideas of placing the memorial plaques include

Outdoor memorial plaques also enables those who cared for the deceased person to come and recall the rememberances of the deceased person. These are some top locations to consider:These are some top locations to consider:

Memorial garden – An area for interment where the main purpose is for people to pay their respects is an ideal place for the memorial plaques. Lawn of flowers and trees accompanied by raised stone or cement structures as graves make the environment tranquil. It is crucial to ensure the area does not erode or become overgrown or built over as it helps to keep memories alive.

Cemetery Marker – Erecting a marker or plaque on the tombstone is a way of honoring the life of a deceased person for those who come to pay tribute to the departed personality. Cemeteries permit flat ground plaques that are to be installed on a flat plane that has to be level with the ground and thus does not require much maintenance.

Front Yard Garden – Placed in the yard garden right in front of their own home, it instantly turns a cherished area into a private tribute that one could witness daily. The memorial will also be observable to non-residents, visitors and strangers who walk the precinct. 

Park Bench – Having a text engraved on a park bench lets the members of the community ponder at the mention of the lost loved one. It is also an aesthetic one; it also serves a practical purpose of providing others with a place to rest as they contemplate the legacy left behind by their loved one.

Tree Memorial – The trees are symbolic of life, growth and the cycle of seasons, in life. A plaque at the base of a specially planted tree and thus an indelible mark whose memory comes of age with trees. This organic tribute becomes that much more poignant as the years go by.

Garage/Shops/Pool House etc. – Putting a plaque on a side of any outbuilding, for example a garage, shop, pool house or any other building, is a very good idea of establishing a memorial. Select a popular architectural design of a home where members of the family can spend quality time with each other while also being able to share childhood memories in a secluded area.

Monuments – Large rocks and boulders are tough nuts to crack that can be used to support memorial plates. Large and heavy, they stand like monuments that recall memories connected to nature. Place a special rock in a place that your loved one liked taking a walk around.

Bench & Picnic Table – etch a mini plaque of your lost loved one on a strong park bench at your home or a popular park your loved one enjoyed. This enables or lets the times it permits social interaction and the times one feels lonely while missing them.

Water Features: The sound of running water brings relaxation, contemplation, and serenity. Engraved stone plaque by a pool, fountain or constructed water fall is ideal for one to sit and recall such memorable moments.

Out door Fireplace – What’s more inviting than sitting around a fire pit with friends or family members on a cool evening. To install a simple plaque to the wall together with the stonework or mantle brings about a powerful way of honoring and remembering the deceased whereby loved ones can share their memories with the person they have lost but they will also get a feel of the spirit of the lost person.

Maintenance of the Memorial Plaques and Other Structures Erected Outdoors

Though these memorial plaques are made of high quality material to resist the harshness of both climate and time, there may be a need to re- clean in order to retain its legibility and sheen. The brass or bronze can be polished to maintain its shiny appearance while granite, marble and stainless steel can only require wiping or washing sometimes. Do not use acidic or alkaline cleaners; refrain from the use of steel wool or any other abrasive surface. There is also a need to sweep or blow fallen leaves/debris and ensure that plaques installed on the ground are tidy, leveled, and visible in the manner that is required.

The grief process is long and needs time, understanding and assistance from the other people. It is an outdoor plaque that remains all year round as an evolving ritual that not only enables people to come and pay their respects but also to help the family and friends of the deceased heal after losing someone special who contributed positively to their lives. The physical plaque may erode away but the memories that are engraved in his heart are forever imprinted.